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How It Works

Candid is a platform to help you make money supporting your community or clients through WhatsApp conversations.

If you are a creator or coach, have a following on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, a blog or a podcast, are a consultant, teacher, trainer, author, actor, artist, entertainer, musician, investor, foodie, designer  — or any creative person…

Candid can help you earn a stable, recurring monthly income.

What Does Candid Do?

Use Candid to sell direct access to you for one-on-one or small group conversations. Play the video below to learn more…

Step 1: Create Your Offer

Candid provides you with a free-to-use tool to build a simple, modern, mobile-friendly, beautiful product page — including video, which can be created with your phone or laptop in under 5 minutes.

Give your product offer page a title, description, record a short intro video, set the subscription price, review everything, then click publish.

Step 2: Share Your Page

Share your offer page with your followers, fans, current clients and customers, to wherever your audience is:

  • Social media
  • Email newsletter
  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • YouTube
  • Webinars
  • In-person events
  • Ad campaigns

Promote anywhere and everywhere you can reach your community.

Step 3: Welcome Customers

People purchase a subscription from your offer page and you are provided with their WhatsApp phone number.

Add them to WhatsApp, send a welcome message to say hello and set expectations, and then continue to communicate as long as they remain a paying subscriber.

See Examples

Confused? View examples using the explore page to see products other Candid creators are selling.

Earn Recurring Income

You earn monthly recurring revenue and in return your followers, fans or clients get a unique and direct experience with you in one-on-one WhatsApp conversations, or with you and like-minded people in WhatsApp group conversations.

We handle payment processing securely via Stripe, we pay out directly to your bank account via Wise transfer every month for all your earnings past the 30 day refund period.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Paid? Is Candid Really Free?

Candid is free for creators and coaches to use.

If you charge $500/month for one-on-one conversations with you, you keep the full $500.

If you charge $100/month for membership into a group chat, and you have 20 members, you keep the $2,000 per month.

Candid provides a checkout and collects subscription payments from your customers automatically.

We also work hard to keep your subscriptions active, for example when credit cards need updating or when payments fail, we chase things up for you.

You get sent your earnings direct to your bank account each month. We pay out all earnings that are past the 30-day refund period and are not under dispute.

If you’re wondering what’s the catch? How can we offer this for free? The answer is we charge a platform fee of 10% to all purchases. We also add a 3% transaction fee to cover the fee that Stripe charges for processing payments.

If your customer purchases a $100 subscription from you, at checkout they will see the transaction fee and Candid platform fee added. You don’t pay this, your customers do.

The platform fee helps us pay our engineering, management and customer support team, so we can continue to build features and support the Candid community.

What’s The Difference Between One-On-One And Groups?

A one-on-one conversation is just you and your client in a WhatsApp chat channel. You communicate privately, only between the two of you.

This could be for coaching and accountability with a client, or candid conversations between you and your fan.

A group conversation is between you and as many people as you want to allow in a WhatsApp group.

This could be 5 people for an elite mastermind group, 25 in a community about a topic, or a 100 people who want behind-the-scenes updates from your life.

It’s up to you to decide whether to offer one-on-one or groups – or both!

What About Annoying People? I Don't Want Strangers Calling Me!

You should send a welcome message in WhatsApp when a new member subscribes to your offer, setting clear expectations on what’s allowed and what not to do (no calls for example).

You can also set expectations on how frequently people can expect replies from you, how long messages can be, what formats (text, audio, video), what topics are allowed or banned, etc.

All of this is up to you to define and manage in your WhatsApp conversations. You’re the boss, you set the rules.

If a member causes problems, is rude, or is just not a good fit, you can remove or ban them inside WhatsApp settings.

If you do this, you must also go to your Candid dashboard and cancel their subscription to your product so they are not charged again.

You can use the Candid Wallet to cancel subscriptions and issue refunds any time.

Why WhatsApp? What About Other Apps?

We built Candid to focus on WhatsApp as the communication tool because most people have the app on their phone and already use it for conversations.

With billions of users, a secure and simple interface and the ability to send text, audio and video messages, it’s an easy way to get started.

It’s also a powerful tool for deeper connection with one-on-one clients, or with small, personal groups. You can be open and candid with others, which is what we are all about!

With WhatsApp you can add, remove and block people, and create an account just for your Candid customers to keep things separate from your family and friends. You are in control.

Whether you’re a coach helping people solve a problem or achieve a goal, or a creator with fans and followers who just want to ask you questions and get behind-the-scenes content, WhatsApp is a great choice.

Coming Soon: WhatsApp is our beta test app. Based on your feedback, we will add support for tools like Telegram, Signal, Discord, Line, WeChat, Viber, Voxer, Kaokao Talk, Slack, and other popular apps.

Wherever conversations happen, we can help you turn those platforms into income streams.

What About Cancellations And Refunds?

Customers can cancel subscriptions any time. They can also request a refund for any payment made within the last 30 days. This can be done inside the Candid Wallet.

Emails are sent when these events occur. It will be your responsibility to remove any people from WhatsApp conversations who have canceled their subscription.

How To Get Started

Your first steps are to create your Candid account, then create your product offer page. Next, share it with as many people as you can to get your first paying subscribers.

Once you have subscribers, your job is to be the leader of your group or community and/or support your one-on-one clients with candid conversations, advice or any kind of experience they want from you, delivered over WhatsApp.

You determine the rules, how often they should expect replies from you, what formats to use (text, audio or video messaging), what topics to cover — it’s between you and your audience to make the experience amazing so you keep earning.

We’re Here To Help

If you have questions, need help with your Candid product offers, or any aspect of your Candid experience, you can contact us via WhatsApp or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We’re a startup, so please allow a day or two to get back to you.